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By submitting your Booking, you are agreeing all your details are correct and agree to your Booking Total. All bookings require a 20% Retainer to hold a Wedding date. No date will be held without a Retainer . First come (Payment), First Serve.


Retainer are non-refundable after 30 days of booking and full payment is required within 30 days of your Wedding Date. Any cancelations 90 days prior to your wedding will still be fully charged (90 days, being 3 months, as state prior, when booking your date I am giving up the opportunity to book someone else. And being 3 months out there will be a very small chance I will fill it.)  If you decide to pay in Full up front or more than your retainer prior to that 90-day window and for whatever reason need to cancel, a full refund (minus your retainer) will be refunded. After your 90 day window, under no circumstances will a refund be issued.

Rescheduling Fee

$500 - ONLY if your date changes within 90 Days to your Wedding Date. As mentioned above, I hold your original date and may have turned away another Wedding to do yours. There will be no charge if over 90 days out.

Forms of Payment

Cash, Checks, PayPal (info@seanscarmack.com),Venmo (SeanScarmack), Cash App, Apple Pay, Zelle

Delivery Time

Photo / Video Delivery time is not guaranteed within a Time Frame. There are a lot of variables that can affect that, as it depends on current workload and how many Weddings are back-to-back, and I also do work full time, etc. With that being said, teasers are usually sent out within 24 - 48 hours, and everything else I try to get back within 4 - 6 weeks but can take up to 6 - 8 weeks (No Wedding has taken me longer than 10 weeks, but for some reason it takes longer you will be informed every step of the way). But I do my absolute best and pride myself on a fast turnaround time. I offer expedited services to ensure prompt delivery.

Contracting Work

At Times I do outsource work to others, for example if you hire Scarmack Productions to handle both Photography + Videography for your Wedding, I am obviously only one person so I hire a second shooter to be there. I also outsource Weddings if I am not available that day and take a commission, if this ever happens you are notified up front 100% transparency that I will not personally be there but someone else will. I only work with a handful of people who I believe have the same Integrity, passion, and provide the highest quality possible.


Any bookings 8 hours or more a meal must be accommodated or a 30 minute break.

Operating Hours

Hours booked are consecutive, no breaks or idle time. When booking we are giving up the opportunity to book another wedding or job during that time. Once we're on site at your venue it's hard to leave with all our gear, and then go do something else and be back in time as we need to stay ready for the next timeline of events. We often find ways to fill the void so we're not just sitting around. Capturing candid shots, decorations, etc.


While not required, it is HIGHLY recommended you have an "Un-Plugged" Ceremony. This is when you inform all your guests that no photos are to be taken by anyone besides the Photographer during the Ceremony. Not only can it be distracting, but it can ruin your photos or video. Sometimes people either step out in the Aisle or Lean so far out that we lose sight of the Bride walking down and getting the first look shot. And the last thing you want is a missed shot or images with 20 cell phones in the background of your photos. 100% your choice, just my recommendation. If you choose not to, I can not be held accountable for missing a shot due to someone stepping in front of me.

Sick / Cancellation 

While I pride myself on never having missed a Wedding and have been very fortunate, sometimes life is out of our control and things happen. I will be there unless I am on my deathbed. Besides a Full 100% refund, I will go to no ends to find a replacement for you and will not rest until it's covered.


Ownership remains with Scarmack Productions to use for Marketing and reproduction and Full Rights are granted to the Client to use their Photos and/or Video for any reason they please. Share on Social Media, distributed to Friends and Family, and even have printed, etc.

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