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Need help planning and scheduling your day? Let me help!

Let’s jump right into it.

5 Tips

1. Set a Budget and stick to it!

2. Prioritize your Wishlist

3. Have options and weigh Pros/Cons

4. Don't sign a contract without reading it! 

5. Do not go at this alone! Recruit help. Assign people to certain tasks.


Now Photography + Videography

How many hours do I need?

6 – 8 hours will be your sweet spot. 4 hours will often feel rushed and very chaotic unless your day is planned out to the T or you're having a low key wedding with your ceremony and reception at the same location.12+ hours can sometimes feel drawn out with down time in between, but if you have an early ceremony with prep work and you want a grand exit sometimes there’s no way around it. So, timeline planning is crucial. You will have to think about what YOU want captured and how that lines up with your timeline. Do you want just the ceremony captured? Do you want from the moment you get in your dress captured? Or do you want to have the moments you're getting your hair and makeup done, the shoes, rings, dress hanging and all the detail shots also? You'll know how much time you'll need when you start getting those times in place.

How long does hair and makeup take?

Bridesmaids will take between 30-45 minutes for hair and also makeup (Also Mother), and the bride can take up to 45 minutes to an hour each.


What time should I get dressed?

Roughly one hour before your ceremony. If your ceremony starts at 3pm, I recommend you getting dress around 2pm, depending on how complexed your dress is and how long it takes. In my experience, it will take roughly 15 minutes. This will leave you with about 15 minutes to get some photos with your bridesmaids, mother, etc. And you will have plenty of time for last minute touch ups and then at least 10 minutes to relax and compose yourself. You do not want to be rushing last minute before you walk down the aisle and you don't want to be sitting or standing around for a whole hour waiting, so plan accordingly.

How long will I need for Family Photos?

After your ceremony you will want to leave at least 30 minutes for Family Photos depending how large your family is. I follow a very standard list, Grand-Parents, Parents, Siblings, other immediate family, etc. If you want any specifics, it's best to make a list. And then we will go into the Bridal Party Formals which is usually quick at the church, maybe 15 minutes, and then grab a couple of just the Bride and Groom. Most times we will go to a secondary location, and this is usually just the Bridal Party and besides travel times, this can take easily 30 – 45 minutes.

Can we take Sunset Photos?

Absolutely! As the seasons change, so does the time the Sun sets. If you want photos make sure you coordinate this into your reception timeline.



12 months out - Work out a budget and stick to it. Start a preliminary guests list and choose your wedding party. Look into venues and narrow it down to 3. Get the creative juices flowing and look at other weddings online to fit your style, find photographer / videographer, caterer, officiant, and most importantly, your DRESS. Doesn't hurt to start planning the Honeymoon also.

10 Months out - Finalize all vendors, Floral arrangements, cake tasting, Wedding Invitations should be finalized, hotel blocks if needed, transportation if needed for wedding party or guests.

6 months - Schedule Rehearsal dinner, any special arrangements that will include handicap access, childcare, etc. Finalize Men's suits. Ceremony readings and vows. Finalize menu, drinks, cookies. Wedding Day timeline and reception formalities. Makeup and hair trials. Wedding Rings. Finalize Honeymoon plans.

2 Months - Invitations should be out by now. Dress Fitting. Doesn't hurt to also take a dance lesson or two.

1 Month - Reach out to all Vendors and confirm all appropriate details. Marriage license. Wedding Rings. Guest Book. Wedding Party gifts if you're doing that. Final dress fitting.


2 Weeks - Final Guest count Venue / Caterer. Shot list to Photographer. Pick up all attire. Confirm arrival times with Wedding Party and Family. Compile a Wedding Emergency Kit (Tape, Sewing Kit, Tweezers, Extra Jewelry, Tide to go, baby wipes, Band-aids, Hairspray, etc.). 

1 Week - Check the weather and plan according. Pack for the Honeymoon. Treat yourself to a spa massage.

Day Before - All items laid out and ready to go. RINGS AND MARRIAGE LICENSE. Get together any last minute cash needed. Rehearsal and Dinner. And try try try to get a good nights sleep.

Wedding Day - Allow adequate time to travel between hotel and venue. Assign help to carry things and make sure items get to where they need to get (Rings, flowers, boutonnieres, go to bag, etc.).  


If you are still looking for Venues, a DJ, Baker, a Dress, ANYTHING, I compiled some of the best people in the industry here - Wedding Vendors

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