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I will be offering two different types of mentorships, Single Day and Full Time.

We'll go over everything from taking photos of your pets, flowers, a sunset, to Sports, Portraits and of course Weddings.

This Full Time Mentorship will only be available to a select few people and no that is not a sales gimmick but I want to keep it small so I can really focus on helping/teaching. This will be for all of 2022

$150 - Single Day - One on one and we'll go over anything you want to learn, whether it be taking photos, learning your camera, editing, or even the business end of things. This session will be one hour long. You do not need your own equipment, but that is preferred.

$650 - Full Time - I will actually involve you in my business.

  1. Learn how I find clients. 
  2. How I handle communication. 
  3. Using my Booking System. 
  4. Steps to take before a shoot.
  5. Hands on experience at a photoshoot and even weddings when available.
  6. Learning Post Production.
  7. How I store photos/backup. 
  8. Editing/Managing
  9. Delivering to the client.
  10. Pricing/Contracts
  11. Marketing
  12. Gear Talk

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